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12 Indispensable Mobile Apps for Commercial Brokers

A great article from the Broker Savant site.

12 Indispensable Mobile Apps for Commercial Brokers

Remember offices? Most of the CRE pros we know spend so much time on the go, they may as well not even have one. We wondered what apps for Commercial Brokers were the best. So we asked them. Here are the 12 mobile apps CRE pros told us they considered indispensable:

Apps Any Mobile Professional Needs

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Dropbox1. Dropbox Dropbox hasn’t made the briefcase obsolete, but it’s getting there. The free version can handle more documents than you can probably generate in a year; for $99/year, you get even more storage, tighter security and more bells and whistles.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Evernote2. Evernote There are lots of free note-taking apps, but more CRE pros in our poll named Evernote as their mega-organizer of choice.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Clicks

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Evernote Geomeasure3. Geomeasure Pull up a map, draw a line or a shape, and get an immediate reading for distance or area. How many acres is that portion of a property? For $1.99, now you’ll know.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Magic Plan4. MagicPlan Site selectors need floor plans to size up a property for their needs. This free iPad/iPhone app (the Android version is coming) lets you create floor plans on the go, just by taking pictures of the space.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Sitewise5. Sitewise Tap on a map and get a complete basic demographic report for the area. The base version is 99 cents, but a subscription gets you fresher, more detailed data.

Doing the Math

Apps for Commercial Real Estate The Analyst6. TheAnalyst For $9.99, turn your iPad/iPhone into a calculator, measuring tool and property analysis report generator—in other words, a Swiss Army knife for real estate.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Lease Matrix7. Lease Matrix The better you understand your clients’ financial picture, the faster you can find them the space they need. For $295/year, this cloud app helps you work out Effective Rental Rates, Net Present Value, Average Monthly Cost and more.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Platinum Pro8. Platinum-Pro If you swear by the HP 12C Platinum financial calculator, this $4.99 app is a near perfect simulation for your iPad/iPhone. Android user? Get the HD 12C for $4.99.

Getting Deals Done

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Bizzio9. Bizzio Track every aspect of a deal in progress, from documents and site plans to emails and expense reports, for as little as $15/month. The $99 Pro Package supports up to ten users.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Property Capsule10. Property Capsule This iPad app stores every detail of every property in your portfolio, offering every conceivable bell, whistle and presentation module—but it ain’t cheap. The “lite” version runs $199/month.

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Ten Eight11. Ten Eight This platform from an Atlanta startup includes a deal dashboard, a tour book app and a rating system for $95/month—but one $95 payment currently covers service through November, 2013. One user calls it “Yelp for office buildings.”

Apps for Commercial Real Estate Thousand Fish12. Thousand Fish If you like LinkedIn, you’ll love Thousand Fish—the first global social network created exclusively for property professionals. Network and share everything real estate for free.

This list doesn’t even include the amazing photo apps that should be in any CRE pro’s arsenal—but you can read all about them in our recent post.

Did we miss one of your favorite apps for CRE? Let us know with a comment below!

Special thanks to Shawn Massey at The Shopping Center Group for sharing his presentation on mobile apps for commercial brokers.

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