Shawn Massey, CCIM, SCLS

“If you don’t know where you are going, You might end up some place else.”
~ Yogi Berra – former Yankee catcher ~

What’s up in 2014?

After a very interesting year in 2013 I find myself like many real estate advisors/brokers trying to determine the best course of action in the New Year of 2014. I am big proponent of setting goals and utilizing the start of the year to map out a plan on how to better serve my clients in the upcoming months.

My goals are very specific as they relate to work including revenue, number of transactions, how to better serve my clients and to be more efficient. They are written down, aggressive and I have been tracking these since I returned to advising side of brokerage in 2003. Probably my biggest shortfall is that I had not set them only for a 12 month period and not by month or by quarter, nor do I set 3 to 5 year goals which should put down on paper each year and revised annually.

An article that I saw recently 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Set Goals really brought clarity to my goal setting this year. Although it was written in 2009 sets a number of great reasons to set goals and I felt it would be helpful to everyone in 2014. The complete article could be found at the link below.

Below are 6 key reasons why setting goals is so important
1. Gives Clarity On Your End Vision
2. Drives You Forward
3. Gives You Laser Focus
4. Makes You Accountable
5. Be The Best You Can Be
6. Live Your Best Life
7. Goals ensure you get the best out of life, for two reasons.

Firstly, by becoming a better person, your new found knowledge and abilities let you experience more out of the same life events compared to the previous you. Think about how your worldview is different now vs the you 10 years ago. Do you see life with much more clarity, depth and perspective today than you were in the past? What may be a simple daily occurrence in the past holds a lot more meaning to the more highly evolved you today.

Secondly, time passes in our life, whether we want to or not. Goals with specific measures and deadlines ensure we are maximizing our output and experiences during our time here. If you have already discovered your life purpose, your goals will ensure you get the best out of your purpose.
This next weekend I plan to revise my goals. I will have quarterly plan so I can keep myself on track and longer term goals so at the end of each year when a goal is not fully achieved I do not feel that I have failed.

I recognize that plans and goals can change and that a degree of flexibility must be maintained. Last year I thought a number of clients were going to expand only to find their plans had changed by the end of the year. On the other hand I had have been blessed by other clients who really step up to the plate in in 2013 and allowed me to serve them. I want to thank to my present and past clients who have trusted me with their business over the past decade. I recognize the representation is a privilege.

Happy New Year!
Shawn Massey, CCIM, CLS, CRX

Shawn Massey, CCIM, CRX, CLS is a partner with The Shopping Center Group a 3rd party retail real estate advisory firm in their Memphis office, an adjunct professor in the graduate real estate program at The University of Memphis and a co-founder and Chairman of the Board for the Memphis Business Academy charter schools (K-12th grade) in the Frayser area of Memphis.

For all your retail real estate needs (tenant representation, landlord representation and property, investment & land sales) I hope that you will choose The Shopping Center Group and me to represent you and your business. We understand that representation is a privilege and that you have a choice!
The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. They should not be considered the opinion of The Shopping Center Group, LLC in which I am associated.

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