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How To Be An Amazing Holiday Host by Tom Miller

Every once in a while I have the opportunity to include a guest blogger.  Please see below a guest blog from Tom Miller who works on behalf of the Consortium of US Homebuilders

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! 

How To Be An Amazing Holiday Host

It’s your turn to host the annual family Christmas get together and you have no idea where to start. While the holidays can be stressful, allowing yourself enough time to prepare can help things flow much smoother. These few steps can help guarantee everyone will love spending the holidays at your home.

Help everyone feel at home. Even if you have a small space, there are ways to give off a home feeling. Have plenty of chairs set out, towels, blankets, pillows, anything you think someone could possibly need to feel comfortable.

Always have food at the ready. Each day, you should have snacks ready for when people get hungry. Cook up some chex mix (this is great for small children who want to help out), have a cheese ball, or other festive holiday snacks available for when hunger strikes your guests. Also be sure to have a wide variety of beverages. From bottled waters, soda, juice, to adult beverages, being able to accommodate any taste bud is important.

Mix it up. If there are days where there isn’t much is going on, plan a family outing so that people don’t get bored indoors. If it’s their first time in the city, send them out on an adventure to one of the local tourist attractions. If your city permits, send the boys out fishing and the girls out shopping. It’s a great way to get people out of the house and mix up the scenery all while allowing you time to cook with the kids out of the house.

Put everyone to work on the big day. Give each person a job. Assign someone to help set the table, let some people help prep for cooking, or assign someone to help give out presents. Giving each person a job keeps everyone busy and helps everyone feel included.

Put plenty of games out to preoccupy guests during their stay with you. From a stack of cards, to board games or scrabble, having these out can start lots of fun games for family members of all ages.

Article by Tom Miller

Tom works on behalf of BHI which is a consortium of 13 of the 15 largest US homebuilders known as the Consortium of US Home Builders

The inclusion does not necessarily mean the endorsement of my guest blogger or their services.

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