Shawn Massey, CCIM, SCLS

Shawn’s Favorite Web Links

See link below to the FDIC website which will allow you to search deposits at a bank in a market, submarket, zip, etc.

The benefits are twofold:

  1. You can see the market share of the banks, and
  2.  You can see the deposit trends from year to year to show the health of a particular bank.

Going Green                                                                                  (Just cool content)     (LEED training classes. Green is gold)

Retail Tenant Database

Real Estate Forms


Real Estate Compensation

Demographics and Statistics  (part of CCIM Program)  (looks at Psychographics)

Leasing Information

Commercial Real Estate Exchanges   (Local Commercial MLS)  (Commercial Real Estate Bulletin Board)

Finance  (Commercial Mortgage Directory of Lenders) 


Shelby County & Other Local Municipalities   Tom Leatherwood Site

Organizations   ?      (commercial real estate corp., commercial real estate tech and automation.  A must attend event)    (big time corp. global association)    (commercial real estate women… love the ladies.)

Resources  ? (REIT Research)  (Office overview by Markets)  (Directory of State Incentives)  (Credit Reports)    (Inflation Calculators)  ?    (National Real Estate Investor)  (Bible of Building Costs)  (1031 Exchanges)   (The Real Estate Library)   (Harvard Business School – Baker Library)    (Bloomberg Business Exchange)     (look in the library section. Great white paper intelligence)    (real estate investment blog and news aggregator. Great information    (commercial real estate executive news. Here are the hitters and this is what they read.)     (Powerful, yet easy to use lease administration software for commercial real estate)    (3D buildings. Still fun and cool to play with, but also practical)    (From the UK – Great Site!)       (Name says it all)  (commercial real estate property stats and data)   (Welcome to BiggerPockets, the Premier Real Estate Social Network &Real Estate Investing Resource Directory)  (Major real estate publisher)    Real estate website creator    (Premier CRE Real Estate Radio Program)

CRE Companies   (Chainlink’s Retail Advisors)       (SRS Real Estate Partners)     (Jones Lang LaSalle)     (Sperry Van Ness)

Real Estate Schools

Sites Just to Make Life Easier                                (Secure Financial Management Tool)             (View all your emails in one box)                (Back up your important documents and access via web)       (For home owner who want to go green)                 (Neighbors review local restaurants, spa’s doctors etc.)        (discover hidden fees in your credit cards)      (comparison shopping for gas)     (touch up photographs) (easy home decorating projects for those on budget)

One of the coolest sites you will come across:

CRE Specific

 Putting business and available space together. This site was honored with a Webby Award. This IS the future of commercial real estate online.

Is a revolutionary 3D visualization and marketing online service that helps lease commercial real estate quickly. Did I say THIS is the future of commercial real estate?

They say 1) rapid access to businesses and experts 2) improved digital branding 3) wants/haves and corresponding invitations to network 4) member viewpoints and forums 5) CRE news aggregated from around the globe 6) industry-focused search to avoid clutter.  I say #1 worldwide commercial real estate network?

The best software in commercial real estate for property management, asset valuation, portfolio management, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and lease management.

Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs: