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Social media generates deals for Memphis real estate vet Shawn Massey

Reprinted from Memphis Business Journal Website May 2, 2012

Memphis Business Journal by Shawn Massey, Guest blogger

Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 9:44am CDT – Last Modified: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 9:59am CDT
Shawn Massey, partner with The Shopping Center Group LLC

Shawn Massey, partner with The Shopping Center Group LLC


 I was on the East Coast this past weekend and I learned that you do not put your toes in the ocean to check the water temperatures in April or you may never go in the water. Similarly, should you not test the waters of social media before you fully embrace the concept of multichannel marketing across several social platforms for your business?As a real estate professional more than two years ago, I was amazed with Facebook and how I connected with several old friends. I also noticed several businesses that were setting up a business pages on this site. I like to think of myself as being somewhat of an early adopter, and technology savvy, so I set up first a Facebook business page. I received several hundred likes or fans, posted on a regular basis with quality links to industry-related articles. The only problem was that I did not see any measurable results.I saw more and more real estate professionals across the country utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, real estate blogs and personal websites in addition to Facebook and connecting them together as one brand. I knew that if I was to make social media work for my business I needed to dive right into this expanding medium and fully embrace its potential. So Jan. 1 of this year, I launched my personal website and blog, I needed to push readers and hopefully potential clients to the site on a regular basis to keep my name and services in their thoughts when they were ready to expand in the Mid-South.This is where I needed to market the site and ultimately myself across multiple social media platforms. I established my business and personal profile on LinkedIn and joined several industry related groups. Weekly I post links to my blog in each of these industry specific groups. I opened my Twitter account and send out tweets daily in regard to the retail industry. I continue to post links on my Facebook page back to my site. I now have hundreds of followers, subscribers and others connected to me on a weekly or even daily basis.I also market all my social media contact points on any handouts that I provide when cold calling or making industry presentations.Although my social media campaign is still in its infancy, I can track the analytics of all my social media marketing efforts to measure my results in a very specific manner. The true test is that I am seeing an increase in phone calls from potential clients with references back to my social media efforts. In addition, I have landed some assignments on both the consulting side and brokerage side of my business as a direct result of my increased social media presence.You cannot quit simply because you get busy or do not have the time. I have heard from many who said they tried a form of social media marketing and did not see results. Upon asking them how long they have tried using it ranges from a few days or a couple of weeks and typically just one point of contact. Social media is definitely a marathon and not a sprint from a business development perspective. Although I have seen some results in my first few months, I remain fully committed to it for a minimum of one year before I will reassess my efforts versus the actual results. I have streamlined my ability to post in multiple places by using dashboards like HootSuite and Sociable. If you do not feel you can write original blogs each week then you can utilize ghost writers.There is a myth that social media is entirely free. Most of the sites allow free access to the users, but establishing a website and carving out time to manage a social media platform comes at not only a monetary cost but also an even higher cost in your time commitment.If you’re not ready to fully embrace this form of marketing, at minimum establish a LinkedIn account and post your profile. I am seeing incredible results through this platform.Shawn Massey, CCIM, SCLS, is a partner with The Shopping Center Group in Memphis. In addition, he is adjunct professor in the graduate real estate program at the University of Memphis    University of Memphis Latest from The Business Journals Florida International University athletics joining Conference USAFedEx donates .5M for Liberty Bowl scoreboardKansas City Chiefs take defensive lineman Poe in NFL draft Follow this company . Massey can be reached at Check out his website at or follow him on Twitter @askshawnCRE.

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Shawn Massey, CCIM, SCLS is a partner with The Shopping Center Group a 3rd party retail real estate advisory firm in their Memphis office, an adjunct professor in the graduate real estate program at The University of Memphis and a co-founder and Chairman of the Board for the Memphis Business Academy charter schools (K-12th grade) in the Frayser area of Memphis.  

For all your retail real estate needs (tenant representation, landlord representation and property, investment & land sales) I hope that you will choose The Shopping Center Group and me to represent you and your business.  We understand that representation is a privilege and that you have a choice!

The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  They should not be considered the opinion of The Shopping Center Group, LLC in which I am associated.

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